Cortijo el obispo Supreme. 5 Liters

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Extra virgin olive oil «Cortijo the supreme bishop», the picture variety in all its fullness. The keys: an early collection, flight olive, immediate grinding and thorough control. In short, the union of technique and tradition. Aroma: In the nose you can see a half -green fruity to olive leaf, with aromas reminiscent of tomato plant, banana and artichoke peel, generating great complexity in aromas. Taste: It presents a sweet entrance in the mouth, a retroust that reminds the aromatic sensations appreciated in the nose, a medium balanced bitterness and a slight itch that disappears, leaving in the end the sensation of an oil with body. MAIDAJES: Andalusian gazpacho, salmorejo, bread toast with oil, crumbs, potato tortilla, partridge pate, fried foods, scallions and cauliflower, tuna window with peppers cream, baked kid, lentils, grilled asparagus, mushrooms to the oven, fried potatoes with allioli and spicy sauce, bread with oil accompanied by beans and cod, and fish behind and salt.

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Aceite de oliva virgen extra. Cortijo el obispo Supremo. 5 LitrosCortijo el obispo Supreme. 5 Liters
61,05 IVA incluido.

Disponibilidad: Hay existencias

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