100% Iberian Race Bellota Palette + Iberian sausage assortment. Beforterra.

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Belloterra products lot: 100% Iberian Belllet Palette. Healing: 2 years. Weight: 4.5 – 5 kg approx. Iberian sausage assortment: Lomo de Acorn, Acorn sausage and acorn sausage. Healing: 4 – 5 months. Piece weight.: 0.5 – 0.6kg approx. Individually packaged to vacuum. Free shipping to the peninsula.

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100% acorn palette of Iberian race. Intense aroma, delicate taste and texture little fibrous, melting in the mouth, leaving a persistent feature characteristic of acorn. It presents a characteristic color that varies from pink to red, bright, with rosacea fat infiltration, rich in oleic acid, which makes it unctuous to touch and improves its organoleptic qualities. meters underground, to get the optimal moisture and temperature parameters. Loin: prepared with natural ingredients and slowly cured for 150 days and finished its maturation in natural warehouse. Salachichón and Chorizo: Manufactured following the traditional recipes of the area, from selected pork selected pork subjected to detailed misfortune processes.

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Paleta de bellota 100% ibérica + Surtido embutidos ibéricos. Belloterra.100% Iberian Race Bellota Palette + Iberian sausage assortment. Beforterra.
188,40 IVA incluido.

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