AOVE Castillo de Canena. Royal Individual Case.

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Intense fruity of green olive and great complexity of herbaceous and fruit tones highlighting the green apple, the green banana and almond. In the background citrus tones that remind us of the lemon leaf and the green spike. Its flavor is very delicate and complex from the entrance to the mouth, reminding us of the same olfactory perceptions. Very light in bitter and spicy something more prominent but very delicate and late. Great harmony, average structure, almond aftertaste and good persistence. It is the first oil released within this category, so we have called it “first.” The Royal variety is the native varietal of the province of Jaén whose cultivation in the area dates back centuries. His cultivation has suffered a drastic recession since the end of the 19th century and is on the verge of extinction. Canena Castillo has recovered and planted in the family farm. First Royal early presents the royales collected at the principle of harvest.

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Castillo de Canena, AOVE. Estuche Royal Temprano.AOVE Castillo de Canena. Royal Individual Case.
42,50 IVA incluido.

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