AOVE Molino de Casilda Reserva Familiar. Box of 6 x 500 ml.

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Oil produced with selected olives of three types of local varieties: “Matihuela”, Cerezuela de Villacarrillo and Royal de Cazorla. The “Matihuela” variety is cultivated exclusively by Molino de Casilda, which makes this Aove unique in the world. Sierra olive grove. Preparation: collected at the end of October through mechanical means with vibrators and maximum of 4 hours from the collection. Acidity: 0.19 fruity: 5.8 Presentation glass bottle painted in black and screening five inks with glass reserve seen the base. 500 ml capacity. Keep in a cool place, far from light and heat. Tasting notes open profile oil in numerous nuances that define its complexity. Its fruity of olive is intense with green records softened in aromas of other fruits such as banana and apple. On the nose, soft touches of sweet almonds are appreciated that in the bridge to the mouth express its maximum splendor. He caresses the palate with the velvety texture that present in harmony with the bitter medium and the most intense spicy. The raw nut and the herbaceous greens close the perfume of this oil. In it you can see the perfect assembly that originate the varieties that comprise it, being an combined reflection of living nuances that reflect an elegance that lasts in our memory.

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