Bailén Gold. 750 ml gift case.

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20,80 IVA incluido.

Extra gold virgin olive oil Bailen. 750 ml bottle in gift case. Producer: Gold Bailén.


It presents an intense and complex green fruity, in which you can see frank aromas to tomato (characteristic aroma of the picual), apple, freshly cut grass, green banana, green almond, …, and without a doubt what marks in this oil is its Bitter balance – spicy, very pleasant. His entrance to the mouth is sweet, leaving a sensation of greenery and freshness when passing it in the mouth. We recommend its use in crude oil, whether its application in cold, temperate or hot foods, such as: salads, bread and oil, carpaccios, vegetables, fish or dogs cooked to steamed, iron or oven, but yes, always, always Subsequently, so that raw oil in contact with hot foods makes all its phenolic compounds (cause of the aroma), and allow us to enjoy the oil as one more food in the plate configuration.

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