Buensalud. Serenade pack with 3 varieties x 500 ml.

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Frantio has a sweet, spicy pleasure taste more intense with touches of bitter almond and nuts. The aroma is intense to olive with apple, artichoke, fresh grass, tomato and almond nuances. This oil is ideal to consume in raw in salads, with bread, potatoes and pasta and is also good for steamed or marinated fish recipes. Picual The most important characteristics of the picual variety are its characteristic bitterness and itching that stays in the throat, it is an oil with great strength and body. Another characteristic of picual oil is its great oleic acid content, this together with the low polyunsaturated acid make this variety a very stable oil in the face of oxidation and rooting. It is of great strength and body, presents a slight bitter and spicy. Arbequina The main characteristic of the Arbequina oil is that it is a very sweet oil, that is, it has no bitter end, although some type of arbequina oil can chop in the throat a bit indicating that it is fresh. It is a fruity, aromatic and soft oil. The fruity aromas it offers can be banana, apple, almond and other fruits.

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Buensalud. Estuche Serenade de 3 variedades x 500 ml.Buensalud. Serenade pack with 3 varieties x 500 ml.
58,95 IVA incluido.

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