Ecological Aove 5L Duo Pack

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Pack consisting of 2 carafes of 5l extra virgin olive oil, both of picual and ecological variety: unolive & amp; Green health.

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Green oil with warm golden reflexes.

With banana peel, fig and artichoke peel, which also appear in its soft entry and mouth where it is bitter and spicy light and balanced.

Ideal to consume in raw.

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Green health.

5 -liter PET container. Picual variety. Sierra Magina Denomination.

This oil is characterized by its great stability, very fruity, presenting a coloration that oscillates from intense green to golden yellow, with aromas characterized by intense fruity to green olive and fig tree. Light touch of freshly cut fresh grass and wild flowers. Of a slightly bitter and spicy palate, with a slightly sweet retrogust for the most mature.

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