Evoo Selección Melgarejo. Box of 12 bottles of 250 ml.

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Cosecha: 2023/2024

Selección Melgarejo Extra Virgin Olive Oil,

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Producer: Melgarejo.

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Thanks to its delicate blend of Picual, Hojiblanca, and Arbequina olives, this extra virgin olive oil is the most versatile in our range. With a mild character and intense fragrance, it suits any culinary use and palate, even for those new to extra virgin olive oils.

Production Area:Jaén (Andalusia).

Variety: Picual, Hojiblanca, and Arbequina.

Harvesting Method:Mechanical and handpicking where mechanization is difficult.

Extraction System:Two-phase continuous system.

Storage:Stainless steel tanks inerted with nitrogen.

Aroma:A multi-varietal oil full of freshness with a fruity aroma of green and ripe olives, banana peel, almond, and tomato plant, all on a sweet and pleasant base.

Flavor:A two-phase taste that leaves no one indifferent. Initially complex and sweet, with almost non-existent bitterness and spiciness; a fresh aroma dominated by fruit and olive leaf as a final touch.

Pairing:Suitable for fish, salads, and dairy products.

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AOVE Selección Melgarejo. Caja de 12 botellas de 250 ml.Evoo Selección Melgarejo. Box of 12 bottles of 250 ml.
93,60 IVA incluido.

Availability: In stock

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