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Remember me when the daylight goes out and the darkness makes its constellation of stars slide, with moisture shining on the leaves of the olive trees that characterize our Cazorla fields. Remember me, it is an extra virgin olive oil, which due to the form of production travels in time to the nineteenth century due to ancient form of collection, grinding and decantation giving a pure olive juice, since it is collected under the full moon in October: It is the phase with more light, the roots grow little but the leaves are booming. Water and sap flow strongly through the trunk, branches and foliage. In October it is the first harvest, early collection, since the olive generates the oil molecules between July and December in most varieties, then there is a decrease in moisture in the fruit that, effectively, increases the performance over wet but Not the amount of oil on dry matter. Therefore, we get quality, solera, tradition and modernity, that allows preserving the highest quality of this oil and the highest final quality of olive juice. Tasting of intense fruity oil, very balanced, with nuances of herbaceous green, apple connotations and green almond, in addition to a great connotation of fresh tomato and fluid, giving in the mouth sensation of sweet, soft and fluid, with very different sensory characteristics , since it is a superior oil collected at night and with an intense green, perfect for a culinary use that would serve as a dressing for flavors with a lot of aroma due almond). He is a picual with Royal notes that softens him in bitterness and itching, but gives him more intensity of mouth sensations. In nose: highlights the high intensity fruity, in addition to a freshness with green leaf predominance. Intense fruity aroma, with green characteristics and presence of aromas and nuances reminiscent of freshly cut and tomato green grass. A whole explosion of pleasant aromas in your nose for the sensory profile. In the mouth: very balanced and complex oil. It stands out for its aromatic intensity to fruit and vegetable notes (green leaf, grass and tomato, allloza, banana cascara), where the most specific descriptors are herbaceous and green almond. In addition, it has great connotation of green tomato and fresh artichoke, giving in the mouth sensation of sweet with a slightly bitter and fluid accent. The light spicy and subtle astringency provide you with a sensational flavor. Virgin Virgin Virgin Extra Gold is an extra virgin olive oil of picual variety with maximum quality, from a selection of olives collected between November and December (envero), of low temperature extraction, and that results in our greatest success to obtain a Wonderful olive juice. Fruit with slight bitterness and spicy in a balanced way, it derives an unmatched flavor and a high level in natural antioxidants (vitamin E and phenolic compounds), especially beneficial for health. Extra virgin olive oil of picual variety, fruity with slight bitterness and spicy in a balanced way but with an unparalleled flavor. Health: The picual variety has a high level in natural antioxidants (vitamin E and phenolic compounds), carotenoids and oleic acid that make it especially beneficial to health. Tasting Note Extra variety virgin olive oil, olive green. On the nose: Fruit of medium-high intensity. It stands out for its freshness and aroma with green leaf predominance. In addition, it presents nuances that remind freshly cut grass, with tomato and fig notes in harmony. In the mouth: it offers a medium-low intensity that combines bitter and spicy balanced way. Being a mountain oil, it is usually sweeter. The most accentuated fresh leaf profile is perceived again, with a greater permanence of flavors and a slight bitter of soft astringency. Qatar is appreciating, analyzing the qualities of a product by means of the senses. In the tasting it is essential to memorize these impressions and express what it feels like.

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