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Type of oil

Type of oil

Puente Sierra

Made with the best olives from the centenary olive trees of the city of Jaén. During the entire harvest, we take care of the temperature of the fruit, transferring it immediately to the oil mill to be cold-ground; With this procedure we ensure that the extra virgin olive oil maintains its intense green fruity aroma and all its healthy properties intact.

Its usual characteristics are a smooth and clean entry on the palate, balanced and very pleasant bitterness and spiciness with a complex palate aroma of almond, artichoke, leaf and tomato plant. Pleasant persistence and astringency. The flavor maintains a perfect balance between its bitterness and itching, with a smooth aftertaste and a harmonious and pleasant overall value.

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  • Type of oil: Ecological
  • Type of packaging: Glass Bottle
  • Variety: multivarietal
  • Puente Sierra. Early...

    5 1 Puente Sierra. Early harvest Eco. 500 ml.
    5/ 5
    Puente Sierra. Early harvest Eco. 500 ml.

    Extra virgin olive oil organic Puente Sierra, early harvest. 500 ml bottle. in gift box. Various varieties.

    Producer: Puente Sierra.