It is an international competition for the quality of extra virgin olive oils, which will award the 100 best EVOOs in the world. Thus, a group of world-renowned expert tasters will be in charge of evaluating the organoleptic quality of the juices presented, from which the exclusive TOP100 of the best extra virgin in the world in their different categories and fields will come out each campaign. geographic.

Below are the brands of extra virgin olive oils that we can offer you within the top 100 of this contest:

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  • Brand: Magnasur
  • EVOO Magnasur. Athenea...

    5 1 EVOO Magnasur. Athenea case, 500 ml bottle.
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    EVOO Magnasur. Athenea case, 500 ml bottle.

    Extra virgin olive oil Magnasur, picual variety. Athenea case, contains 1 bottle of 500 ml.

    Producer: Magnasur.