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Capricho del fraile

The farm, with about 200 ha. of olive, almond, holm oak, pine and scrubland, it is nestled between the foothills of Sierra Mágina, in the province of Jaén, and Los Montes Orientales, in the province of Granada. This is located in a plateau of sandy loam between heights of 1020 m. and 1070 m., unbeatable terrain and high altitudes which, in a continental Mediterranean climate favor an excellent quality in all its EVOO.

In the exploitation of their olive groves, under an integrated production (API), they use agricultural systems that make the most of the resources and natural production mechanisms and ensure long-term sustainable agriculture that make compatible the demands of society, the protection of the environment. environment and agricultural productivity.

Because the best EVOO is born from respect for the environment.

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