Castillo de Canena olive oil oak-smoked. 250 ml


It is the first and only cold infused oil produced by an artisan production system following the strictest quality controls and protocols.

Producer: Castillo de Canena.

5 1 Castillo de Canena olive oil oak-smoked. 250 ml
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Castillo de Canena olive oil oak-smoked. 250 ml

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It is the first and only cold-infused oil made using a traditional production system that follows the strictest quality controls and protocols. With the help of master smokers we have made a selection of different ecological woods, in which oak predominates. It is presented in a 250ml bottle, in a turquoise blue color and black screen printed.
CONSUMPTION SUGGESTIONS Its smoked aroma is ideal for raw use of all kinds of meat and fish, salad dressings and preparation of sauces.

How is Castillo de Canena Arbequino oil made with oak smoke?

The secret is a careful process, which starts from ecological oak woods, from sustainable forests and non-genetically modified trees. In his analysis, no residue is present. It is therefore a 100% natural and handmade process.

The smoking process is carried out in an isolated room where we have the oven, imported from the United Kingdom, but which has undergone important structural modifications by our technical team.

In a completely handmade way, we begin the process:

  1. We start with the VERY SLOW combustion of ecological oak and beech woods, avoiding flames at all times.
  2. Thanks to this slow combustion, a small amount of smoke is produced. It is a thick, consistent white smoke (what smokers call a “rich” smoke).
  3. On the other hand, in the oven, some trays are arranged with our Arbequina extra virgin olive oil.
  4. The smoke generated slowly penetrates the oven and the Arbequina oil deposited on the trays, is impregnated with its olfactory and gustatory notes.
  5. After about 90 minutes, we already have our first liters of Arbequino al Humo de Roble !!
  6. It is a very slow process and in which it is necessary for the Smoker Master to be constantly very aware of all the details. We can only smoke a maximum of 50 liters at a time.

It is important to note that the oven temperature is constantly controlled and never exceeds 30 / 35ºC, while the room where it is carried out is constantly kept at 15ºC. As you know, high temperatures harm the quality of the oil and what we want in this process is for the oil to be impregnated with smoke notes but not to lose its initial organoleptic characteristics, those of the Arbequino himself!


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250 ML
Castillo de Canena
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Extra virgin conventional
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