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Cortijo el Obispo

Cortijo el Obispo early harvest EVOO is obtained from picual variety olives in the Northern Countryside of Jaén. And that, due to its familiar format, it is ideal for cooking and frying, without implying lower quality.

Cortijo el Obispo olive oil is an intense green fruity EVOO whose essence evokes freshly cut grass, olive leaf, tomato plant, almond and artichoke, generating great complexity in aromas. It has a sweet entry in the mouth, an almond aftertaste reminiscent of the aromatic perception and a pleasant bitterness and itch that disappears, leaving at the end the sensation of a balanced and full-bodied oil.

Use it every day in your recipes and enjoy its nuances and flavor in all your dishes. If you are also going to use it for frying, the Picual variety withstands temperatures of up to 180ºC without burning and makes food crisp quickly, thus avoiding absorption and excess oil inside.

Cortijo el Obispo extra virgin olive oil is obtained from the picual variety olives harvested in the veraison, just with the change from green to purple, even a little earlier. It comes from olives picked just at the perfect point before they are fully ripe.

The harvest does not have a fixed date, it depends on the area, the variety of the olive and the weather conditions. But approximately it begins at the beginning or the middle of October and ends around the middle of November.

Through a cold extraction process exclusively using mechanical procedures in a continuous two-outlet system, extra virgin olive oil is obtained with an acidity of 0.1º.

EVOO Cortijo el Obispo, health and flavor in your dishes. Bet on the highest quality for your health and that of your family.

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