Magnasur is one of the best Picual variety olive oils that you can find, due to its intensity of flavor and its multiple aromas and properties.

It is made by the Magnasur Oil Mill, located in Bedmar (Jaén) and has a Sierra Magina Denomination of Origin, so its quality is guaranteed.

If you are a lover of the flavor and intensity of the extra virgin olive oil, you cannot miss the opportunity to try this olive oil from Jaén.

It has a greenish tone and has an intense fruitiness, with a taste of the olive itself, which leaves an exquisite finish in the mouth and offers a prolonged aftertaste.

It is an oil that you can use for cooking if you like foods with a lot of flavor, and especially that it comes in handy to enhance the flavor of foods such as ham, jerky, cheeses and salads.

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Jaén Selección 2022 Pack. Contains a 500 ml bottle. of extra virgin olive oil from each of the following brands, chosen in the Jaén Selección 2023 contest-tasting, where annually the Provincial Council of Jaén selects the best oils from the harvest:

All of them of the picual variety.