Ñ Organic

Ñ ​​Organic is the first brand that exclusively produces and markets organic extra virgin olive oils of different varieties.

It is the brand and image of the production of organic extra virgin olive oils from olive farms located in the mountains of Jaén. They merge three centuries of family tradition, careful production and demanding quality, with innovative designs, which we embody in our pioneering line of products.

Ñ ​​Organic is a descriptive and international brand where the “Ñ” is a nod to the prestige of the level of olive oils in our country and “Organic” as a global concept of ecological, healthy and natural.


It is one of the most important parts of the process. At this point, they are carefully chosen and through various analyzes, which plots and areas are at their optimal ripening moment to collect them and obtain an olive juice of magnificent organoleptic qualities.


They take care of the fruit from the first moment. The olives are harvested by mechanical procedures to be transferred to the mill in a maximum time of 2 hours, where they are then cold-ground (below 23 degrees) and obtain juices with excellent sensory qualities in a totally natural way.


Once the extra virgin has been selected that will go to the winery to be the olive juice that will be packaged as a final product, it is transferred to the sealed tanks that are under the certification and control of the CAAE for its natural decantation and kept at a stable temperature. .

Organic extra virgin

During the juice milling and extraction process, master experts and prestigious researchers carry out continuous tastings to decide when the juice that is being produced is clean, of the highest quality and excellent organoleptic qualities to pass it to your certified winery.

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