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Oleo Vital

Nove Hundred puts at your disposal a familiar extra virgin olive oil for the most common consumers. That is to say, a more economical range of EVOO but that maintains the quality standards demanded by 900. It is an EVOO selected and cared for to satisfy the daily and frequent consumption of families. It is ideal for stewing, frying or serving raw. In addition, our variety of formats are adapted to the needs of each moment and each family.

Oleo Vital is presented as a beneficial health product at an affordable price, thus promoting healthy habits in our diet. Due to its antioxidant, cardiovascular regulatory, anticancer effect or its high content of polyphenols and oleic acid, EVOO is an essential food in our homes.

Liquid gold from high mountains, 900 meters high in the south of Jaén. Where altitude and harsh weather conditions require the olive tree to produce a greater number of antioxidants and excellent organoleptic properties. In addition, the traditional production and generations of farmers dedicated to the cultivation of the olive tree, guarantee a unique quality seal.

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EVOO Oleo Vital 900. PET.

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900 top-quality extra virgin olive oil container. Aviable sizes:

  • Box of 3 PET container of 5 litres.
  • Box of 6 PET container of 2 litres.
  • Box of 15 PET bottles of 1 litre.
  • Box of 15 PET bottles of 500 ml.

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Producer: Oleo Vital.