Reino de Jaén

KINGDOM OF JAÉN Oil, with Protected Designation of Origin Sierra Mágina:

Within this brand we can find the two types of Extra Virgin Oil with more "body" than those we have authorized by the Denomination of Origin.

  • One is labeled as LEVE FILTRATION, known in other places as BRANCH oil, tear type, fresh or unfiltered, which is the result of cold extraction of the oil and only subjected to the decantation process, so that this oil does not lose none of its beneficial properties for our body, hence its cloudy appearance that has not been concealed in the oil bottles and that over time clears up and will present some sediment at the bottom of the bottle, which does not indicate more than the decantation process continues its course, not affecting the quality of the oil at all. That is why short-term consumption is recommended.
  • Another oil that is packaged under this brand is the one that is labeled as EARLY HARVEST, which is an oil obtained under the same conditions as the previous one, but which comes from the first olives that are harvested a few weeks before the harvest season begins. , which gives it a more greenish tone and different touches in the flavor. Its appearance is also cloudy and with the passage of time the same process occurs as in the previous case.

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