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San Carlos

Pago de los Baldios de San Carlos is the legacy of generations, an experience that is appreciated in the care of olives and grapes throughout the production process.

His farm is located in the Tiétar Valley, in the municipality of Majadas del Tiétar, Cáceres province; Extremadura (Spain).

His olive groves are located in the foothills of the Sierra de Gredos, near the Yuste Monastery, in the paradisiacal area of ​​La Vera, a natural environment where Emperor Carlos V was overwhelmed by the warrior, political and religious vicissitudes of the agitated reign of him. Here, he chose the best place to rest, among all those innumerable places in his immense Empire, where the sun never set.

His fields are seen in the almost perpetual snows of Almanzor. They drink its clean and crystalline waters, which reach their lands through granite and natural channels. And the fruits ripen under the rays of the Blessed Extremadura Sun.

It is also unique, our position in the midst of tremendous expanses of raspberries, orange groves and cherry trees, where free of all kinds of flies and other insects we reach minimum levels of acidity, incomprehensible to analysts and laboratory experts. And also where the fruity flavors and aromas are unique.

His philosophy is to pursue, find and maintain the highest quality of our products in the face of mass production, thus obtaining healthy, premium quality products.

They are aware of the environment, that is why they protect their products and fields to be 100% natural because they are not only demanding with quality, but also with care for the environment.

Its rules to achieve maximum Quality and Minimum Acidity are:

They never pick olives from the ground.

Irrigation by "bottle", which allows a selective subscriber.

They grind within minutes of harvesting.

They demand maximum hygiene in the oil mill.

They obtain in temperature always lower than 26ºC.

They are stored in an Inert Atmosphere with Nitrogen at a constant temperature of 16ºC.

They only pack on request.

They prioritize Quality over Quantity.

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