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  • €11.00 - €12.00

Señorío de Camarasa

Julio López, Joaquín Fernández, Martín Jiménez, Rafael Moreno… and so on, up to 634 small farmers from Torres, a small town in Sierra Mágina, in the olive-growing heart of the province of Jaén. In 1971 they came together as a cooperative with a common goal, to create a picual of which we can be proud because it responds to the quality of its mountain olive trees - which gives the oil a fresh flavor that plain trees do not have.

Thus was born Señorío de Camarasa, a gourmet and traditional oil, with a price adapted to everyone's reality.

An extra-virgin picual: The variety of picual olives, according to studies by Citoliva, is the one that has the most antioxidants, the result of which is that the oil extracted from these olives has more antioxidant properties - protective of the heart, of the arteries, preventive of hypercholesterolemia–. In addition, this type of oil preserves its qualities intact much better than those made from any other variety of olives.

Coming from centenary olive trees: Do you know the region of Sierra Mágina? It is a protected Natural Park, where the mountains and the variety of fauna are protagonists. In this environment the olives that give rise to the Señorío de Camarasa oil grow; centennial trees in which farmers find excellence.

Harvested with care: The olive grove that gives rise to our oil grows, most of the time between slopes, on cliffs and slopes. This quality of a mountain olive grove, which makes harvesting much more difficult, is manifested in its flavor nuances, softer and more fruity than those of the plain olive grove.

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