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Verde Puro

Verde Puro was born from the project of a young Jaen entrepreneur, Pedro Expósito Checa, who is committed to the quality, differentiation and innovation of an extra virgin capable of breaking through all the demanding needs in the market.

From day one they understood that their goal, both as a company and as a personal level, can only be surpassed day after day with the continuous and tireless effort of wanting to be a leader in the sector, and they have the means to research and develop the way to stay always at the top of the tastes and the highest demands of the clients.

For this project they created the Verde Puro brand, appropriate to the excellent organoleptic qualities of our EVOO, the elegance of its packaging, and a commitment to innovation.

With the same effort, they created the Olivos de un Siglo brand, where they pack their extra virgin olive oil in PET (plastic) containers.

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Verde Puro. 500 ml.

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Extra virgin olive oil Verde Puro. Box of 6 bottles of 500 ml. Mezquita 2020 award gold award in the Green Fruity category.