The Sociedad Cooperativa Andaluza Agraria Nuestra Señora de la Cabeza, hereinafter the Cooperative, was created in the year nineteen fifty and is made up of about 800 members from the towns of Campillo de arenas, Montillana, Noalejo, and Jaén mainly. The vigor acquired throughout these years by the Cooperative, is specified, quantitatively, in a milling capacity of 3,000,000 kilos and a storage capacity in its own cellars of 1,800,000 kilos of oil; Qualitatively, the rigorous work of the Cooperative has been, above all, endorsed by the most demanding of juries, the wide acceptance that our product has had in the market.

This mill has been completely renovated taking the cooperative to the outskirts of town in a privileged location, located at the foot of the Madrid-Motril highway called Autovia de Sierra Nevada A-44, Km 74 between Jaén and Granada, having unbeatable accesses .

Our oil is the natural juice obtained by simple physical pressure of olives of the best quality. Scientific evidence shows that, due to its excellent properties, its consumption is recommended for good health by having beneficial and protective effects on the different parts of the body.

Extra virgin olive oil is obtained from the fruit of the olive tree, from the Picudo, Hojiblanco and Picual varieties, through mechanical procedures that do not alter the oil, preserving the flavor, aroma and characteristics of the fruit from which it comes.

The oil is made by exclusively mechanical or physical procedures that do not alter its natural characteristics and properties, excluding any type of chemical treatment, preservatives or colorants. Its intense green fruitiness, its slight bitterness and spiciness, all of them positive attributes and indicative of quality and the variety from which it comes (PICUAL olive), are the result of the olive harvest at its best moment of maturity and a meticulous elaboration that complies with the most rigorous quality controls. The VIRGIN AND EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL, being extracted from a natural fruit, the Olive, varies each year in its smell, flavor and aroma, depending mainly on the weather, rain regime, sunny days, date of harvest, etc. . Thus we have that the authentic VIRGIN OLIVE OIL and EXTRA VIRGIN is different in each harvest, it only maintains its equality if it is manipulated or mixed.

Once the oil is stored in the different tanks, it is analyzed by the laboratory of the Sierra Mágina Regulatory Council, which will determine which Oils are the highest quality and those that have passed the controls for their D.O.

Oil production is made entirely in the Cooperative's factory and is sold in bulk in tanks for sale to other entities, reserving part of the production each year for packaging under the Vergilia and Oro Puerta de Arenas brand.

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