Finca la Torre Monovarietal Collection. Case 4 varieties of 250 ml.

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Organic extra virgin olive oil. Finca la Torre. Monovarietals Collection. Case composed of 4 bottles of 250 ml of the varieties: hojiblanca, arbequina, cornicabra and picudo.

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Selection Combination 100% Hojiblanca, 100% Arbequina, 100% Cornicabra and 100% Picudo.

  • Cornicabra variety.
    • Excellent for enhancing the flavor of roasts of lamb, suckling pig, or turkey, as well as powerful fish such as salmon or cod. It is also ideal for cooking scrambled eggs with mushrooms.
  • Picudo selection.
    • Great for breakfast with traditional breads, panettone and pastries. Also in cold dishes, emulsions, homemade tomato sauces, carpaccios, mushrooms and white fish.
  • Hojiblanca Selection.
    • Great for light salads, meat marinades, oily fish, meat and fish carpaccios, intense emulsions, vinaigrettes and creams.
  • Arbequina variety.
    • Ideal for use raw, in dishes that need flavoring, such as salads, grilled vegetables, marinades, sauces such as mayonnaise, aioli and vinaigrette; cold creams (salmorejos and gazpachos); pastry doughs and acidic tropical fruits.

Product information Finca la Torre Monovarietal Collection. Case 4 varieties of 250 ml.

Type of packagingGift box
Capacity250 ML
BrandFinca la Torre
Geographical OriginMálaga
Type of oilEcological

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