Aged Cheese in EVOO Cabesota


Aged cheese in extra virgin olive oil, Cabesota. With pure sheep milk and pasteurized milk. Approximate weight 3.0 - 3.2 kg.

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Aged Cheese in EVOO Cabesota

€19.08 Kg (IVA inc.)

CHEESE TYPE: cured with extra virgin olive oil.


BRAND: CabeSota

MILK FROM: sheep

MILK TREATMENT: pasteurized

ORIGIN OF MILK: Spain (from our own livestock)

FLAVOR: woody and penetrating aftertaste like walnuts or hazelnuts softened by oil. Its creamy and somewhat grainy texture provides an exquisite sensation on the palate, with acid and spicy touches being noticeable.

PAIRING: perfect companion for medium-bodied red wines.


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