Sabor de Oro Selección de Almazara. 8 x 2 liter box.


Extra virgin olive oil Sabor de Oro Selección de Almazara, picual variety. Box of 8 pet bottles of 2 liters.

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Producer: Sabor D'Oro.

5 1 Sabor de Oro Selección de Almazara. 8 x 2 liter box.
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Sabor de Oro Selección de Almazara. 8 x 2 liter box.

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The collection of olives from SABOR D'ORO Selección de Almazara is done with the same neatness and care as with our earliest oils. The fundamental difference is the time of collection, which on this occasion takes place during the months of November and December. During these months, the green olive is mixed with the one with a purple brushstroke, a symptom of a more advanced maturity

Tasting Notes: At the beginning, fine and fresh nose, full of fruity alloza and green olives intermingling with the aromas of the tomato stem and vegetables within a great harmony and extraordinary complexity for the pairing. Subsequently, a beautiful intensity and subtle bitterness is revealed, without being aggressive but present. A very fresh, balanced, round attack is appreciated in the mouth with flavors that remind us of green almond, green grass, artichoke, tomato and green apple.


Data sheet

2 L
Sabor D´Oro
Geographical Origin
Type of oil
Extra virgin conventional
Type of packaging
PET bottle

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