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Organic white balsamic vinegar "Soler Romero". 250 ml.

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Organic white balsamic vinegar, Soler Romero, 250 ml bottle.

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Its preparation is the same process as traditional balsamic vinegar, but the concentrated grape must is heated to a lower temperature, without allowing it to caramelize or acquire the dark color that characterizes traditional balsamic vinegar. It is aged in oak barrels for at least 12 months. We appreciate the same aromas as in the dark balsamic, although it is less sweet and lighter in color. Acidity: 6%.

Due to their sweetness and special aroma, both balsamic are ideal for salads, meat and fish, as well as for the preparation of sauces and condiments.

Product information Organic white balsamic vinegar "Soler Romero". 250 ml.

Type of packagingMiniature
Capacity250 ML
BrandSoler Romero BIO

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