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Vinagre balsámico ecológico

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Organic balsamic vinegar, Soler Romero, 250 ml bottle.

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Wine vinegar and concentrated grape must. The grape juice is cooked until caramelized, and subsequently mixed with the wine vinegar. The end result is a dense, dark, bright vinegar with body and a complex flavor, sweet and bitter at the same time. Soler Romero balsamic vinegar is peculiar for the grape varieties used, such as Pedro Ximenez and Malbec, and for its aging in oak barrels for 5 years before packaging. The ingredients are 100% natural and organic, no caramel or syrup is added, the natural sweetness comes from the grapes used and the heated grape juice.

Organoleptic profile: rich, sweet, with toasted aroma, coffee and signs of its long aging in oak barrels. Persistent finish. Dense texture, balsamic colors. Acidity: 6%.

Product information Vinagre balsámico ecológico

Type of packagingMiniature
Capacity250 ML
BrandSoler Romero BIO

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