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Soto Marañon. Carrasqueño Olive oil. 500 ML

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Extra virgin olive oil Soto Marañón from Carrasqueño variety. 500 ml bottle.

In nose: It shows even above the tone, with complete rotundity, frank, fresh aromas, especially fruity, with the presence of other sensations: fresh grass freshly cut, mainly wheat grass.

In mouth: Its magnanimous vitality, olive and vegetables stands out, harmonized with astonishing elegance. It has a sweet entry, after which appears bitterness, a bitterness that becomes relevant and permanent value, subtle and noble in few words, to later draw a puntito spike end.

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Product information Soto Marañon. Carrasqueño Olive oil. 500 ML

Type of packagingGlass Bottle
Capacity500 ML
BrandSoto Marañón
Geographical OriginJaén

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