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The ten best olive oils from Spain

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Box of 10 bottles of 500 ml. containing the best extra virgin olive oils from Spain, according to Iberoleum Guide, supported by the best Spanish experts tasters today.

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After a year of hard work and preparation, and after sensory evaluation of more than 100 samples of extra virgin olive oils early harvest by leading experts in sensory analysis, Iberoleum Guide already has selected the best EVOO of current crop. Iberoleum Guide is the first guide of extra virgin olive oils in Spain for the consumer, the catering and gastronomy sector.

The ranking of the top 10 best  EVOO of this harvest are, in alphabetical order:

    Bravoleum - Hacienda Palo
    Castillo de Canena, byodinamic - Castillo de Canena Olive Oil Juice
    Castillo de Canena Reserva Familiar. Castillo de Canena Olive Oil Juice
    Dominus - Monva
    Finca La Torre organic - Finca la torre La Torre
    Oleícola Jaén - Oleícola Jaén
    Olibaeza - SCA Alcazar Baeza
    Oro Bailen - Galgon 99
    Rincón de la Subbética- Almazara de la Subbética
    Venta del Barón - Mueloliva

(Olimerca Magazine, 2/26/16)

Product information The ten best olive oils from Spain

Type of packagingGlass Bottle
Capacity500 ML
VarietyVarias variedades
Geographical OriginJáen, Córdoba y Málaga

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