Verde Esmeralda Baby Picual. 24 bottles of 100 ml.

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Emerald green variety “baby”, format so you can enjoy our extra picual virgin olive oil in a smaller size. Baby Picual contains the exquisite quality of our picual oil, which has been made with the best olives. Through our technique used, a distinguished picture oil is obtained that manages to conquer its palate. The picual oil characteristics present in Baby Picual contain an intensity that stands out, which through its spicy sensation and a medium-high bitterness manages to leave a taste that you will want to repeat. His body stands out, enhancing his entry into the mouth, which is sweet. All the qualities of the picual fruit, manage to create the best picual oil thanks to the balance of each of its flavors, managing to be a reference oil for its quality. Through the aroma and taste of Baby Picual you can enjoy an oil that does not leave indifferent.

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