Verde Esmeralda Imagine. Olive Oil Picual. 500ml


Extra virgin olive oil Emerald Green Imagine Organic. 500 ml Coming from Úbeda, Jaén.

5 1 Verde Esmeralda Imagine. Olive Oil Picual. 500ml
Aceitera Jaenera
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Verde Esmeralda Imagine. Olive Oil Picual. 500ml

This extra virgin olive oil, shows us a scent of fresh grass, tomato and artichoke that reminds us of the extensive fields of olive trees of the upper basin of the Guadalquivir. Transmitting a peace and awakening a unique feeling. First night of harvest. This year's collection was made at the end of October. As October is a month of high daytime temperatures, which in many cases reach up to 30 degrees, harvesting is done at night, thereby ensuring that the temperature from the olive harvest, until obtaining its elixir , Is permanently below 20 degrees. The olives harvested go through a process of deforestation, in which are discarded those that do not meet the established requirements.


Data sheet

500 ML
Verde Esmeralda
Geographical Origin
Type of oil
Type of packaging
Glass Bottle

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