ACEITUNO AVE. 2 -liter 2 -liter box box.

61,65 IVA incluido.

Extra olive virgin olive oil, of picual variety. 2 -liter 2 -liter box box. Producer: Aceituno.

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It is an extra virgin olive oil of premium category, extracted cold from olives from the picual variety. Collected early, at the time just when the olive is still green, before the fruit begins to colors and destroy the chlorophyll. Intense green olive fruity with freshly cut grass notes, green almond, mint, artichoke, tomato and green banana. Very balanced and harmonic bitterness and itching.

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Weight 4 kg


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2° más saludable del mundo WBHEC2020, Gold. Olive Japan 2020, Gold. Dubaiooc 2020, 3° más saludable del mundo WBHEC 2020, Silver. London IOOC 2019, 7° más saludable delmundo WBHEC 2018 y Gran Prestige Gold. Terraolivo 2018.


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AOVE Aceituno. Caja de 2 Bag In Box de 2 litros.ACEITUNO AVE. 2 -liter 2 -liter box box.
61,65 IVA incluido.

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