Machiz Gold. 2 liters.

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Extra gold virgin olive oil. 2 -liter container picual variety

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Extracted from olives from the picual variety at the beginning of November when the fruit is in the medium high envero phase, turning its green color to a violet color. Collected directly from the tree, it is when we extract an extra virgin oil from more dim and soft nuances, with a bitter and spicy light and well compensated. It is an extra -aromatic and fresh virgin, with a middle fruity of green and mature olives with nuances of grass and ripe fruits, light, harmonious and balanced, easy to drink and thought to use it in daily cuisine both in raw and for the elaboration of countless dishes. We talk about an ideal Aove so that the habit of caring for your health and your senses with a product made with care and affection is not lacking. Presented in different formats to meet all the needs of our clients. The new technologies and traditional forms of fruit collection, work together in the different processes until an excellent quality final product.

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