Molino de Casilda. Box of 3 Bag in Box of 5 liters.

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Oil produced with olive picual variety. Sierra olive grove. Collected and produced in November through mechanical means; Vibrators and Molturada. Preparation: Maximum 4 hours from the collection. Acidity: 0.13 Fruits: 5.2 Bag in box presentation. It is composed of a robust and ecological box containing inside a bag made of mono and multi-capa films that is being contracted as the Aove is emptied. In this way it preserves the oil of light pollution, the air and other external agents, thus avoiding oxidation and AVE damage. Anti drip dispenser tap. 5 liter capacity. Keep in a cool place, far from light and heat. Tasting notes This oil has a green olive fruity with slight mature notes. Magnificent picual that begins the olfactory phase with an intense and firm aroma of green olive, fresh grass and arugula. Many olfactory nuances appear in the juice, highlighting, the apple, the ripe banana, and the noise between the fruits; and the tomato and artichoke, among the vegetables.

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