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Virgin Olive Oil Extra Rotalaya. 5 -liter can. Picual variety Denomination of “Sierra de Cazorla” Intense fruity character of green olive and aroma that reminds fresh fruits such as tomato and apple. Slightly bitter and spicy progressive. Producer: Rotalaya.

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This magnificent extra virgin olive oil has been prepared from the best selection of olives collected within the “Sierra de Cazorla” Natural Park, in the heart of the province of Jaén. The careful collection and rapid grinding assure us a high quality product with a special aroma and an unparalleled flavor. In the Sierra de Cazorla, one of the most prominent regions in the production of olive oil in Spain, the olive groves from which the fruit from which this great oil is obtained are grown with dedication and dedication. The collection of the olive is carried out at the optimal time to obtain an oil with less acidity and greater content of natural antioxidants. Rotalaya stands out for its exceptional quality and flavor, with fruit and herbaceous notes typical of the picual variety and a perfect balance between a smooth bitterness and progressive itch characteristic of high quality oils. In addition, rapid grinding methods preserve the natural flavors and aromas of olives, giving us a unique experience when palate. In addition to its unique flavor is rich in monounsaturated fatty acids, vitamin E and antioxidants which enhances its healthy benefits. If you look for an exceptional olive oil, extra rotalaya virgin oil is the perfect choice. Add a special touch to your meals and salads, enhancing flavors and taking advantage of the healthy benefits it offers. Do not miss the opportunity for enjoying our culinary jewel!

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Aceite de oliva virgen extra Rotalaya. Variedad picual. Lata de 5 litros.Rotalaya picual.5l
57,00 IVA incluido.

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