Tierras de Canena

It is an extra virgin olive oil obtained from olives of the picual variety, like most of the oils from the province of Jaén. Its main characteristics are its high stability as well as its slight bitterness and itching.

This oil is marketed under the brand name "TIERRAS DE CANENA EXTRA VIRGIN OIL", which is selected by its personal expert, and subsequently subjected to physical-chemical and organoleptic analysis. Above all, they reward the highest quality. Thus, the brand “Tierras de Canena Extra Virgin Olive Oil” refers to the traditional character of its olive trees and the olive juice they produce.

This extra virgin olive oil is the olive juice in its natural state, collected directly from the olive trees. Its production process begins in the wide fields of olive trees where the olives are carefully cared for by the expert hands of its olive growers, until they reach the optimum point of maturity, where they are harvested.

These are then carefully selected, collected from the tree and ground through natural mechanical processes to extract the juice with all its aroma and flavor. Once rested in the cellars, made up entirely of stainless steel tanks, with adequate temperature, said juice is selected for its packaging both for its fragrance, freshness, slight bitterness and mild itching, as well as for its hue, which ranges from greenish. -yellow to intense gold.

In this way, they offer an exquisite NATURAL olive JUICE, without additives or preservatives: Extra Virgin Olive Oil. For this reason, this oil has received important quality awards throughout its long history. The Cooperative has been a pioneer for almost 30 years in the process of separating olives from the ground and the tree, which denotes its interest in obtaining the highest quality olive oil.

At the “SAN MARCOS” Cooperative, quality and controls prevail above all in all the production processes of its products from the olive harvesting phase to bottling. In this way, the oils retain all their natural properties and characteristics.

The “Tierras de Canena” brand is present in various national and international markets.

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