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Cooperativa San Isidro de Loja was born in 1958 with the aim of uniting the efforts of its partners to market the products they harvest, so that the agricultural holdings of the region are the economic engine of many families who live from agriculture. , thus facilitating that our rural environment is a means of a sustainable present and future for the new generations.

They produce a virgin olive oil of excellent quality, which has characteristics very defined by the area that make it unmatched, the uniqueness and richness of its soil and the climate of this region, typically Mediterranean but strongly influenced by the Sierra de Loja. It is the ideal space for the varieties of olive trees grown here, the predominant varieties being Hojiblanca in more than 80% and to a lesser extent Picual.

The Cooperative has more than 1,300 members with an average annual production of more than 50 million kg of olives that produce over 13 million kg of Olive Oil, and an average annual production of green asparagus of more than 3.5 million kg.

Both the Virgin Olive Oil and the Green Asparagus produced respond to the agricultural experience inherited from parents to children, accredited for centuries in the region, but in addition, our products are controlled and certified from their production to their marketing and sale to the end customer. , applying modern production, traceability and quality control techniques.

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Loxa. Box 3 units x 5 Liters.

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Extra virgin olive oil Loxa. Box of 3 bottles of 5 liters. Predominant variety: hojiblanca. Product of integrated production cooperative.

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