Oro Bailén Picual. Tin can 2.5 L.

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47,57 IVA incluido.

Cosecha: 2023/2024

Oro Bailén Reserva Familiar extra virgin olive oil, Picual variety. 2.5l can.

Producer: Oro Bailén.

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Extra virgin olive oil, early harvest and of Picual variety, stands out for its intense and complex green fruitiness. It features characteristic aromas of tomato (typical of Picual), apple, freshly cut grass, green banana, green almond, among others. This oil is distinguished by its balanced bitter and spicy flavor, very pleasant to the palate. In the mouth, it has a sweet entry, leaving a sensation of freshness and greenery.

Pairing: We recommend using it raw in a variety of dishes, whether cold, warm, or hot, such as salads, bread with oil, carpaccios, vegetables, fish, or meat cooked by steaming, grilling, or baking. It is important to add the oil after cooking the food so that the contact with the heat releases its phenolic compounds (responsible for the aroma), allowing us to enjoy the oil as an essential component of the dish.

Oro Bailen Picual oil is always a safe choice, as it is liked by everyone and is also one of the most awarded oils in the world.

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Oro Bailén Picual. Tin can 2.5 L.
47,57 IVA incluido.

Availability: In stock

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