AOVE Esencial Olive Frantoio. 500 ml bottle.

15,45 IVA incluido.

Cosecha: 2023/2024

Esencial Olive Extra Virgin Olive Oil – Frantoio by Oleícola San Francisco. 500 ml bottle.

Producer: Oleícola San Francisco.

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The early harvest Frantoio Extra Virgin Olive Oil features a highly valued flavor and aroma profile.

Its flavor is fruity, with sweet nuances and bitter and spicy touches, evoking sensations of fresh grass, tomato, lettuce, artichoke, apple, grain, rosemary, celery, and almond, culminating in a fruity and light aftertaste. Considered elegant by many, this oil is distinguished by its fine and velvety texture, which transitions to slightly spicy notes in the throat over time.

Pairing: Ideal for raw consumption, especially in salads. Its Italian origin gives it a distinctive character that enhances pasta dishes and pairs perfectly with fish, such as steamed white fish with a touch of raw oil or marinated bluefish.

Store in a cool place, away from light and heat.

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AOVE Esencial Olive Frantoio. 500 ml bottle.
15,45 IVA incluido.

Availability: In stock

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